Journal Of A March From Delhi To Peshawur And From Thence To Cabul: With The Mission Of

Journal Of A March From Delhi To Peshawur And From Thence To Cabul: With The Mission Of (Hardcover)

By Lieut William Barr Bengal 
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd
Edition: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 8121510953
EAN: 9788121510950
No. of Pages: 252
Publish Date: 2003-1-1
Binding: Hardcover
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About the Book :

Chap. I : From Delhi to Kurnal : Preliminary observations-Departure from Delhi-Allepore-Treasure escort-Peculiar scene-Barotah -Soneput-The Emperor Musaood-His amazing strength-Gunnour-Sumalka-Paniput-Battle between Baber and Ibrahim II.-Conflict between the Affghans and Mahrattas-Garondah-Handsome caravanserai-Kurnal-Cantonments-View of the snowy Himalayahs Chap. II : Kurnal to Lodianah : Leave Kurnal-Azimgurh-Leelokeerie--Watch-towers-Thanesur-Mahmood of Ghuzni-Attacks Thanesur-Destroys the idols-Adventure with a Rozinante-Shahabad-Long march-Amballa-Handsome bazaar-Heavy rain-Unpleasant prospect-The treasure-party-Peculiar costume-An unwelcome intruder-Novel thieves-March continued-Beautiful scene-The river Cuggur-Rajpoora-Visit from the Tahseeldar-A Sikh officer-Putarsie Sirhind-Extensive ruins-Its antiquity Kunha-Dowra-ke-serai-Heavy shower-Lodianah Bazaar-Encampment Chap. III : Lodianah to Lahore : Departure from Lodianah-Ghonspore-Siddum-Dhur'm Kote-Marriage procession-The bridegroom -Lieut. Rattray-Lose the road-Thick grass jungle-Futtehgurh-A thief-His escape-Makhoo-Its fort-peculiar houses-Ride to the Sutledge-The "commandant" of Harike-His insolence-Encamp near the river-Visit from the "commandant"-Tedious detention -The solitary ferry-boat-The Sikhs-A welcome order-Passage of the Sutledge-Enter the Punjab -Camp at Harike-Visited by a Sikh of high rank -Method of constructing pottery-A baoli, or well-Putti-A cemetery-A saint's tomb-Sursing-Gipsies-Manihala-Akallies, or fanatics of the Punjab-Lahore-Encampment Chap. IV : Lahore : Palace gateway-Ridiculous embellishments-Colonel Foulkes-Death of General Allard-Visit from the Governor of Lahore-Anarcolli-A glass room-The painted chamber-A thunderstorm-Allard's country-seat-The General's body lying in state-Large mausoleum-Valuable sword-Costly shawls-the Maharajah's generosity-Novel method of increasing the value of a gift-Presents from the Maharajah-The golden mosque-The enamelled mosque-Diminutive idol-Aurungzebe's mosque-Its ruined condition-Marble summer-house-Rich decorations-The Hall of Audience-Its filthy state-Beautiful idea of the Emperor Jehanguire's-The royal entrance-Absurd portraits-A magnificent fountain-Its dirty condition-The Foundry-Abuse from the Akallies-The Shalimar gardens-Enchanting scenes-Cabul horse-dealers-Eastern display-Antiquity of Lahore-State of the Maharajah's health-His excesses imitated by his nobles-Kurruck Singh-Dhian Singh-Sheer Singh-Nownihal Singh Chap. V : Lahore to Rhotas : Departure from Lahore-The river Ravie-Sikh horse-artillery-Specimen of a Punjabee ferry-Riotous scene-Ill treatment of the fair sex-Cross the Ravie-Beautiful encamping ground-A halt-Mausoleum of the Emperor Jehanguire-Costly sepulchre-Barbarous spoliation-Long march-Bucka-Emminabad-Gujranwala-Cruel execution-Harri Singh's fort-Ridiculous representation of the battle of Jumrood-The idol-A caged tiger-Detention-Beautiful apartment A not in the "harem"-The Sirkani Bagh-Runjeet Singh's mausoleum-Nattih-Wuzeerabad-The Thannadar-H is conduct and invitation-A funeral procession-The Chenab-Cross the river-Gujrat A halt-A sporting box-Fatiguing march-Horrible-barbarity-Dingie-"Leila," the celebrated horse-Desertion of the camel-drivers-Kohar-The river Jhelum, or Hydaspes-Arduous march-A fearful quicksand-A serious mishap-The fort of Rhotas-A ruined palace-Singular archway-Miserable city-The origin of Rhotas Chap. VI : Rhotas to Peshawur : Departure from Rhotas-Adriana-Buckrala-The marauder's village-Extremely heavy rain Disturbance in camp-Quicksands-Execrable road-Difficult passage-The Buckrala pass-Dhamak-Pakke-Jihliara-Tope of Manikyala Rawut-ke-serai-Beautiful scenery-The river Suhan-Narrow defile-Rawul Pindee-Jani-ke-sung-The Margulla pass-Disgusting sight-Hassan Abdal-Burhan-A hurricane-Severe weather-The river Arar-Busy scene-Unpleasant intelligence-Beautiful views-Awkward defile-Passage of the Indus-Khyrabad-Peshawur Singh, the governor-Fort of Attock-Junction of the rivers Cabul and Indus-The Geedar Gullie-Drunken jemadar-Countless graves-The Chief of Accra-Syddoo-A concert and dance-Sikh cavalry and artillery-Akallies-Nao Shahra-Beautiful scene Engagement between the Sikhs and Affghans-Camel-stealing-The tribe of Eusoff Zhye-Pubbce Allard's dragoons-Dancing bears-Lieutenant Maule-Arrival at Colonel Wade's camp Chap. VII : Camp at Peshawur : A welcome to Peshawur-The Sikh company-Officers with the mission-Colonel Wade's camp-The prince's personal guards-Sikh discipline-The Shah-zada's state band-Douranee cavalry-Shah-zada Timour-General Avitabile-General Court-A durbar-The Shah-zada Hashim-The prince's doctor-His escape from prison-Khyberries-A parade of the Sikh troops-Breakfast with the governor-A novel dish-Nautch girls-Formidable matchlocks-A curious sword-the governor's house-Views from it-The city of Peshawur-Gateway to General Avitabile's house Chap. VIII : Camp at Peshawur : Leave Chumkunnie-A procession-Pass through the City-the houses of Peshawur-The fort of Peshawur-Breakfast with General Court-All Murdan-His history-General Court's artillery-Their excellent appearance-Their dress-A ride through the City-Strange costume of the women-A funeral-The Wuzeer-bagh-Its altered character-Lord's worship-Quarters of the Khyberries-Affghan cookery-The fort of Peshawur-Description of its interior-Dowranee chiefs-Deserters-General Ventura Mutiny of the Nujeeb regiment-Review of General Court's troops-Arrival of Prince Nownihal Singh-A durbar-Rajah Gholab Singh-Sultan Mahomed-Rajah Lena Singh-Rajah Ayah Singh-Prince Nownihal Singh-His magnificent jewels-the durbar tents-A princely gift-Rajah Gholab Singh's durbar-Expedition against Sadut Khan-A storm-Want of discipline-Spies-Methods of carrying secret despatches An unwelcome emetic-Serious affray-A Chupar wounded-Occupation of Candahar-Noisy rejoicings-The Shah-zada's durbar-Ludicrous scene-Murder of a grass-cutter Disgusting exhibition in the environs of Peshawur-Visit from Prince Nownihal Singh-An unwelcome intruder-An unlooked for reply-March to Takkal-Excessive heat Chap. IX : Camp at Koulsir : Vigilance in camp-A dust storm-An unpleasant rencontre-Lieutenant Mackeson's arrival-March to Koulsir-Separation of the British and Sikh camps-Mutiny of the Ghoorkas-Their conduct-A false conclusion-Dreadful accident-Stratagem of Sadut Khan-Defeat of the levies-Messieurs Mouton and Boeuf-Sikh grass-cutters killed by the Khyberries-Oppressive heat-"Sardkhana"-F.'s narrow escape-Ludicrous scene-Preparations for an advance-Commencement of hostilities-Jumrood Match-lock practice-"Sangas"-Wahab and his band of Khyberries-Castle of Futtehgurh-Our bed-room there-Colonel Wade's illness-Great sickness amongst the officers-Ludicrous report-Death of Runjeet Singh-A visit of condolence-The Cabul river at the Khyber range-Desultory skirmishes-An outwork thrown up-Battery practice-Unhealthy situation-Mosquitoes-The Shah-zada Zamboor's camp-Races-Serious affray at Jumrood-Mackeson's intrepidity-A chuprassie killed-Departure from Koulsir-Encamp at Jumrood-Our allies-Our foes Chap. X : The Khyber Pass : Commencement of active operations-March to Kuddum-The troops assemble-Beautiful and exciting scene-Ascend the pass in force-Confined spot-The force divides-Steep ascent-Fort of Ali Musjid-Encampment formed-Cowardice of the Nujeebs-Mackeson's boldness-His position-Desultory fighting-Dependence to be placed on raw levies-Our ammunition fails-Boldness of the Khyberries-Mackeson arrives with reinforcements, and drives them back-The deserters discovered-A comfortable position-Exposed spot-Rattray's party fired upon-The Shah-zada quits Kuddum-Wounded Sepoys-Baggage carried off-Ominous event-The brave Nujeebs-Ascend the heights on either side-Camp moved to Lallcheenie-The Khyberries retreat to the summit of a lofty hill-Farmer's position-Impregnable stronghold-The pass below Ali Musjid-The Goorcherras-Return to camp-Evacuation of Ali Musjid-Conclusion of active operations-Severe illness-Intense heat-Ferris' convoy attacked-The brave Nujeebs again--Khyberrie deserters punished-Furious storm--Loss of camels-Ali Musjid garrisoned by our troops-March resumed-Sir-i-chusma-Lali-beg-ghurrie-Grecian tomb-Pass of Lundy Khana-Execrable road-Quit the Khyber Pass-Order by Colonel Wade Chap. XI : From Dhaka to Cabul : Encamp on the banks of the Cabul river-Retreat of Sadut Khan-Lallpoora-Dhaka-Embark on the river-The Little Khyber Pass-Bad road-Hazarnow-Unhealthy country-Chardeh-Ali Bo-han-Unpleasant occurrence-Ride the Shah-zada's elephant-Shah-zada's kindness-Jullalabad-Deserted streets-Increasing sickness of the troops-Charbagh-Balabagh-Gundamuck-Profusion of fruits-Capture of brass cannon-Soorkab--Excessive heat-Jugdulluck-Cruelty to Shah Zeman-Bareekhab-The Fakeer's Rock--Superstitious offerings-Tezeen-Delightful temperature-A lofty pass-The Khoord Cabul pass-Stragglers attacked and killed-Inspection of the Sikh troops-The Shah-zada's procession into Cabul Chap. XII : From Cabul to Ferozepore : The City of Cabul-Animated scene-Weak state of health-The "Char-chuttur" or great bazaar-Hills of fruit-Predominant trades-Unhealthy encamping ground-Illness-Murder of Colonel Herring-Death of Captain Fothergill and of Captain Timmings-Thieves in camp-Review of the Sikh troops-The king of Cabul-The City-The Bala Hissar-Remarkable gravestone-Join the Army of the Indus-Arrival of treasure-Beautiful scenery Baber's Tomb-The kababs of Cabul-Departure for Hmdoostan-State prisoners-Order of march-An accident-Bootkhak-Piercing cold in the Khoord Cabul pass-Deaths from the severity of the weather-The Puree-duree Pass-The rear-guard attacked-estimated prize-money-Fort of Ali Musjid--Fatal effects of the climate in the Khyber Pass-Fearful massacre-The Khyberries attack Ferris' post-Detention at Peshawur-Misbehaviour of the Sikh troops-Defeat of the convoy-Fatal accident-Diabolical cruelty-Capt. Prole and Lieut. Macmullen wounded-Treachery of the Khyberries-Departure from Peshawur-Misconduct of the governor of Attock punished-Wah-lamentable and fatal accident-Hanging the baker-A Christmas plum-pudding-Kussoor-Arrival at Ferozepore-Conclusion of the march-The "Army of the Indus" ceases to exist-Honours awarded
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Title: Journal Of A March From Delhi To Peshawur And From Thence To Cabul: With The Mission Of
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd
Author: Lieut William Barr Bengal
Edition: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 8121510953
EAN: 9788121510950
No. of Pages: 252
Publish Date: 2003-1-1
Binding: Hardcover


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