Perspectives In Social Foundations Of Education

Perspectives In Social Foundations Of Education (Paperback)

By K P Pandey 
R 163
Publisher: Shipra Publications
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 8175415304
EAN: 9788175415300
No. of Pages: 352
Publish Date: 2010-1-1
Binding: Paperback
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About the Book 'Social Foundations of Education' as a discipline needs to be adequately develop in the form of a stimulating set of courses to the students or scholars enrolled in Department of Teacher Education. The three important ingredients-Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education and Economics of Education offer a suitable perspective to pursue a meaningful scheme of reflection in this area. The book systematically presents the concepts and issues pertaining to these issues with a view to building new perspectives for understanding and evaluating educational programmes which are in vogue. There are exemplifications galore and throughout the book Indian case references predominate so as to suitably orient the readers and practitioners in the field of teacher education for quality thrusts in their pursuits.

About the Author Prof. K.P. Pandey, a brilliant scholar, is a former Professor of Education cum Director, International Center for Distance Learning, Shimla. He has held various positions of eminence including that of Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi, Head & Dean, Department of Education, Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi, Emeritus Professor UGC, CCS University, Meerut, Consultant & Chief Editor of Anveshika of NCTE, and has been an active member of various national level committees. He has been a member of the Research Advisory Committee of MHRD, Govt. of India and has headed various research teams in the state of U.P.

He has been decorated with several awards - national and international for his outstanding contribution and excellence in education including Life Time Achievement Award of National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE, 2005), Shiksha Sudha Nidhi Award of Rajsthan Vidyapith (2005), Shiksha Bharti Purskar of All India Achievers Foundation (March 2009) and Life Time Achievement Award for Education Excellence (June 2009) of International Achievers Conference.

Currently he is working as Director, SHEPA, Varanasi.

Contents Preface

1. Relation of Philosophy with Education1
What is the Ambit of a Philosophical Enquiry?/1; Critical Functions of Philosophy/2; Differentiating Philosophy from Science/3; What is the Ambit of Education?/4; Relation of Philosophy with Education/4; Branches of Philosophy and their Relevance for Education/5; Metaphysics: What is Real?/6; As Everett W. Hall rightly says:/6; Basic Theories of Metaphysics/6; Relevance of Metaphysics for Education/8; Epistemology: What is True?/8; Different Approaches of Arriving at Knowledge/9; Divisions of Knowledge/9; Relevance of Epistemology for Education/10; Axiology: What is Good?/10; Basic Theories of Axiology/10; Types of Values/11; Relevance of Axiology for Education/12; Aesthetics: What is Beautiful?/12; Two Theories of Aesthetics/12; Relevance of Aesthetics for Education/13; Logic: What is Correct Thinking?/13; Basic Divisions of Logic/13; Deductive Logic/13; Inductive Logic/14; Dialectic Reasoning/14; Pragmatic Pattern of Reasoning/15; Relevance of Logic for Education/15; Modern Philosophies of Education/15

2. Idealism
Idealism in the West/19; The Indian Idealism/20; Basic Postulates of Idealism/21; Educational Implications of Idealism/23; Idealist Metaphysics, Human Nature and Education/23; Idealist Epistemology and Education/23; Idealist Values and Education/24; Idealism and the Aims of Education/25; Idealism and Curriculum/25; Idealism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/26; Idealism and Discipline/26; Idealism and Evaluation/27; Criticism of Idealism/27; Summary/28

3. Realism
How it Arose?/29; The Forms of Realism/29; Basic Postulates of Realism/30; Realist Metaphysics and Education/31; Realist Epistemology and Education/32; Realist Axiology and Education/32; Realist and the Aims of Education/33; Realism and Curriculum/33; Realism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/34; Realism and Evaluation/35; Criticism of Realism/35; Summary/36

4. Naturalism
Types of Naturalism/38; Basic Postulates of Naturalism/39; Implications of Naturalism for Education/40; Naturalism and Aims of Education/40; Naturalism and Curriculum/40; Naturalism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/41; Naturalism and Evaluation/41; Criticism of Naturalism/41; Summary/42

5. Perennialism
The Background/43; Basic Postulates of Perennialism/43; The Basic Principles of Perinnialism for Education/44; Perennialism and Aims Education/45; Perennialism and Curriculum/45; Perennialism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/46; Perennialism and Discipline/46; Perennialism and Evaluation/46; Criticisms of Perennialism/46; Summary/47
6. Pragmatism
The Context/49; Basic Postulates of Pragmatism/51; Educational Implication of Pragmatism/53; Pragmatism and Educational Aims/53; Pragmatism and Curriculum/54; Pragmatism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/55; Pragmatism and Discipline/55; Pragmatism and Evaluation/56; Criticisms of Pragmatism/56; Summary/57

7. Positive Relativism
What Does Positive Relativism Mean?/59; Basic Postulates of Positive Relativism/60; Summary/61

8. Progressivism: Essentialism and Reconstructionism
Essentialism and Reconstructionism/62; The Basic Principles of Progressivism/62; Summing up/63; Essentialism/63; The Premises of Essentialism/63; Reconstructionism/64; Summary/65

9. Existentialism
Basic Postulates of Existentialism/66; Implications of Existentialism for Education/68; Existentialism and Aims of Education/68; Existentialism and Curriculum/69; Existentialism and Teaching-Learning Strategy/69; Existentialism and Discipline/70; Existentialism and Evaluation/71; Criticism of Existentialism/71; Summary/71

10. Perspectives from Indian Philosophy: Different Schools and their Educational Implications
Different Schools and their Educational Implications/73

11. Philosophical Basis of Formal, Non-formal and Informal Education in a System's Approach
Defining the Three Forms of Educational Arrangement/95; Formal Education/96; Philosophical Basis/96; Non-Formal Education/97; Philosophical Basis/98; Informal Education/98; Philosophical Basis/99; Summary/103

12. Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Educational Opportunities:Some New Trends
Philosophical Bases/104; Concept and Connotation/106; Correspondence or Distance Education/107; World Movement/108; Imperatives and Modalities/109; Teacher-Pupil Contact Programme/109; Distance Lessons or Study Material/110; Faculty and Resource Persons/110; Note-Taking/110; Library Facilities/111; Study-Boosters/111; Mass Media Approach/111; The Prospects/111; Philosophy and Objectives/112; Features/113; Clientele/113; Potentialities/114; Summary/115

13. Aims and Ideals of Education: Individual, Social, Democraticand Totalitarian
Individual, Social, Democratic and Totalitarian/116; Exposition and Analysis/116; Summary/123

14. The Concept of Freedom and Discipline
Freedom from Restraint/125; Freedom to Choose/125; The Other Freedom/128; The Concept of Discipline/129; Discipline: Incentives and Sanctions/130; The Transcending of Freedom and Authority/131; Summary/132

15. Freedom and Authority: As Viewed by Philosophers
Russell's View/133; The Conceptual Analysis of Freedom and Authority/137; Harry Schofields View/137; The Concept 'Authority'/138; Authority: Responsibility: Freedom/139; Freedom at a Price/140; Authority and Freedom/140; Summary/141

16. Sociology of Education: Education as a Sub-system of the Social System
Education as a Sub-system of the Social System/144; Sociology as a Science/144; Sociology of Education/145; The Social System/147; Functional Sub-systems/149; Structural Sub-systems/149; Education in the Sociological Perspective/153; Education as a Sub-System of the Social System/154; Summary/156

17. Education and Social Change
Dynamics of Society/158; Postulates of Social Change/158; Determinants of Change/160; Role of Education/161; Social Progress/162; Social Mobility/164; Education and Social Control/165; Social Change in India/166; Political/166; Socio-Cultural/167; Economy/170; Ideological Change/171; Education Faces a Challenge/171; Summary/172

18. Education, Social Stratification and Mobility
Literary Education in the Past/175; Growth of Modern Educational Opportunities/176; Inequality in Educational Opportunities/178; Education and Social Mobility/182; Summary/185

19. Equality of Educational Opportunity
Backdrop/189; Concept and Connotation in Particular/190; Determinants of Equality/190; The Indian Scene/191; Achievement in Post-Independence Era/193; An Important Issue: Where is the "Best" in Equalitarianism?/194; Solution of the Dilemma and the Dichotomy/195; Summary/195

20. Equality of Educational Opportunity: The Concept in General
The Concept/197; Overview of the Problem Before 1947/198; The Constitutional Position/200; The International Obligation/201; The National Concern for Equality of Educational Opportunity/201; The National Policy/202; Equality Versus Excellence/204; Emerging Problems and their Solutions/205; Summary/206

21. The Concept of De-Schooled Society and Hidden Curriculum
The Background/207; The Characteristic Features or the Concept "De-schooling"/207; The Goals of the Alternative Educational Strategies/212; Summary/213

22. Open Learning
The Open Learning Phenomenon-The Trend/214; Relationship to Independent Study/219; The Implications of the Open Learning Trend for Independent Study/222; Summary/230

23. Concept of De-schooled Society: Hidden Curriculum and Open Learning
The Context/231; Rhetoric of De-Schoolers/232; Anachronism/233; Hidden Curriculum/234; Their Concept of Education/234; De-Schoolers' Alternatives to Present "Schools"/236; Open Learning/237; Million Dollar Question/237; Summary/238

24. Some Misconceptions in Ivan Illich's Concept of Deschooling
Institutionalisation/239; Compulsoriness/240; Distinction Between Hidden Curriculum and Overt Curriculum/243; Hidden Curriculum/244; Overt Curriculum/247; Summary/251

25. Economics of Education
What is Economics of Education?/252; Education and Economic Order/253; Education and Economic Growth-Some Quantitative Dimensions/254; Human Capital/257; Education as an Investment/258; Private Returns to Investment in Education/258; The Concept of Opportunity Cost/259; Some Significant Case Studies/261; Intangible Benefits/261; Limitations of the Concept/262; Educational Finance/263; Educational Investment/263; Sources of Finance/265; Internal and External Efficiency of Education/265; Education and New Technology/266; Summary/267

26. Education, Employment and Manpower: Needs of the Country
The Context/268; Magnitude of Educated Unemployment/269; Educational, Political, Social and Economic Implications of Educated Unemployment/270; Improving Educational System/271; Manpower Planning/274; Manpower Planning in India: A Historical Perspective/274; Scope and Objectives Manpower Planning/275; Manpower Planning Approach to Education/276; Role of the Universities in Man Power Planning/277; Some Limitations/278; Summary/279

27. Principles and Techniques of Educational Planning
Educational Planning: A Historical Retrospect/280; Principles of Educational Planning/281; Procedures of Formulating Educational Plans/283; Techniques of Educational Planning/285; Planning Techniques: An Assessment/288; Constraints to Educational Planning in India/288; Summary/293

28. Education in the Context of Eleventh Plan Period: Focusand Concerns
Elementary Education and Literacy/295; Elementary Education in the Tenth Plan/296; Universal Access/296; Universal Enrolment/297; Universal Retention/299; Universal Achievement and Equity/301; Outlay and Expenditure in SSA in the Tenth Plan/303; Sectoral Expenditure Under SSA/303; Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme (KGBVS)/304; District Primary Education Programme (DPEP)/304; Mahila Samakhya (MS)/304; Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDMS)/305; Eleventh Plan: Goals, Targets, and Strategies in Elementary Education/305; Eleventh Plan Targets for Elementary Education/307; Quality Improvement in SSA/307; Disadvantaged Groups/308; Pre-school Education (PSE)/309; Madarsas/Maktabs/310; KGBV and DPEP/310; Mid-Day Meal Scheme (MDMS)/310; MDMS: Action Points/310; Mahila Samakhya (MS)/311; Literacy and Adult Education: Performance in Tenth Plan/311; TLC and PLP/312; Continuing Education Programme (CEP)/312; Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS)/312; Major Weaknesses in Adult Education Programmes/312; Adult Education and Literacy: Goals, Targets, and Strategies for the Eleventh Plan/313; Revamped Strategy of NLM in Eleventh Plan/313; Secondary Education and Vocational Education (VE)/314; Secondary Education: Review of Performance in the Tenth Plan/314; Quality Improvement in Schools/316; National Curriculum Framework (NCF)/316; Secondary Education: Goals, Targets, and Strategies for the Eleventh Plan/317; Teacher Education/318; Vocational Education: Review of Performance in Tenth Plan/320; Vocational Education: Strategy and Targets in the Eleventh Plan/321; Higher and Technical Education/322; Higher Education: Review of the Tenth Plan/323; Private Institutions/324; Grant to Colleges/Universities/324; Central Universities (CU)/324; UGC/325; The National Accreditation Assessment Council (NAAC)/325; ASCs/325; ICT/325; Autonomous Status/326; Science Education/326; All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)/326; National Board of Accreditation (NBA)/326; Higher Education: Targets and Strategies in Eleventh Plan/326; Autonomy and Accountability in Higher Educational Institutions/327; Autonomy has Three Inter-Related Dimensions/327; Quantitative Expansion/328; Inclusive Education/328; Quality Improvement/329; New CU/329; Supporting State Universities and Colleges/330; Correcting Regional Imbalances: Establishing 370 New Degree Colleges/330; Initiatives for Inclusive Education in States/330; Technical Education/331; Tenth Plan Performance/332; Technical Education: Goals and Targets in Eleventh Plan/333; Schemes for Expansion and Upgradation/333; Oversight Committee (OSC)/333; Fees in Higher Education, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loan Schemes/334; Reforms in Apex Regulatory Institutions of Higher Education/334; National Mission in Education Through ICT/335; National Knowledge Network and Connected Digital Campuses for Plunging into Knowledge Cyberspace/335; Polytechnics/336; Distance Learning/337; Language and Book Promotion/338; Summary/338; References/342

Bibliography and References


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Title: Perspectives In Social Foundations Of Education
Publisher: Shipra Publications
Author: K P Pandey
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 8175415304
EAN: 9788175415300
No. of Pages: 352
Publish Date: 2010-1-1
Binding: Paperback


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